Thursday, December 20, 2012

Quick Video Provides Important Safety Tips To Help Survive An Active Shooter Incident

     With the recent and very deadly Active Shooter incidents in the states of Oregon and Connecticut, many people are wondering what immediate active personal safety and security steps they can quickly take in the unfortunate event they ever find themselves dealing with an Active Shooter situation.

     Back in July 2012, the City of Houston, TX Mayor's Office of Public Safety and Homeland Security released a powerful, thought-provoking 5:56 minute video entitled, "Run, Hide, Fight--Surviving An Active Shooter Event" that is available for viewing online right now.

     I have been preaching the message of having an active personal response plan to deal with active shooter incidents and other critical situations for many years. I strongly encourage you to take a few minutes and watch this life saving video. Be sure to share it with loved ones, neighbors, co-workers and colleagues as well to help them be better prepared to deal with this type of tragic calamity before Disaster Strikes!

     Check out the video now at:

Til Next Time,

Be Vigilant, Be Prepared, Be Safe!

Alfred McComber
Personal Security Guy

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