Monday, August 30, 2010

Personal Security & Safety Starts At Home! Protect Your Family With A 24-Hour A Day Monitored Alarm System For Your Apartment, Condo Or House For Just $14.99 A Month!

Many apartment and condo renters as well as home owners have been looking for a top quality monitored home alarm system solution for their apartment, condo or house that "won't break the bank" while still providing optimum and very reliable security for their dwelling or small business.

A lot of home alarm system companies across the nation won't even sell their alarm systems and monitoring services to property renters because they don't own the property or they have short term leases on their apartment, condo or house.  Another problem is that some landlords don't want renters installing alarms on their property because of fear of damage to the landlord's property.

Other big issues with traditional monitored home alarm services include the fact that often times new clients are required to sign 3-5 year contracts for alarm monitoring services (with fees that can range from $29.95-$49.95 or more a month), customers have to undergo credit checks, alarm systems require professional installation by alarm technicians and you'll pay significantly higher monitoring fees if you want to have your alarm system monitored using cellular technology versus traditional landline phone service.  This last issue is becoming more and more important considering a lot of people across America are "ditching" their traditional landline phone service in lieu of their cellular phone being their main phone communications tool.

The private firm, Security Intelligence Bureau has been aware of these problems for quite some time and we knew there just had to be a much better way to help apartment & condo renters as well as home owners increase their personal security, safety and emergency preparedness with a total monitored home alarm solution.

We found the solution and we're so excited about it that we actually use this very same technology to secure our residence!  Security Intelligence Bureau is pleased to announce that we have officially teamed up with SimpliSafe (based in Cambridge, MA), to share their residential and small business monitored alarm system solutions for clients across America.

SimpliSafe provides nationwide monitored alarm systems and services in all 50 states and the District of Columbia.  Their alarm system can be fully customized to your particular situation with up to 26 components and zones for entry points, motion sensors, panic alarms and even keychain remotes.  The system is very easy for you to install so you don't have to wait around for some unknown technician to visit your home or small business for installation.  You can actually install the system throughout your home in just a few short minutes from delivery of the package to your front door!

SimpliSafe's basic system starts at just $199.00 and the total monitoring charge is just $14.99 per month with NO long-term contract obligation as you are billed month to month and you can cancel your service or move your home alarm system to another location for monitoring at any time.

SimpliSafe's top quality alarm system equipment along with their 24-hour a day monitoring service provides a powerful solution for people who want to increase the security and safety of their home or small business with an effective monitored alarm system solution that can use both cellular or traditional landline phone service for connection with their 24/7/365 alarm monitoring station.

From burglaries, robberies, home invasions and acute medical emergencies SimpliSafe has real monitored alarm solutions for your home or business. Don't Wait Til Disaster Strikes! Increase your safety and security today!

Security Intelligence Bureau, an authorized SimpliSafe affiliate, has arranged for you to receive FREE Shipping on your alarm system absolutely FREE Month of alarm system monitoring service when you become a SimpliSafe client!  Just visit our website below or call SimpliSafe directly via our special toll-free number at 1-888-599-1725.  Be sure to mention Offer Code AM1150 for your FREE Shipping and FREE Month Of Alarm Monitoring Service.

You can also find more information and get set-up with your customized home alarm system right online by visiting our website at:

Don't Delay!  Protect Your Apartment, Condo, House or Small Business TODAY!

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Be Vigilant, Be Prepared, Be Safe!

Alfred McComber, Personal Security Guy

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