Tuesday, October 24, 2006

You Are Ultimately Responsible For Your Own Personal Security!

In today's unsafe world, YOU are ultimately responsible for your own personal security, safety and emergency preparedness!

Unfortunately, all too often, people do not prepare for emergencies because they simply do not believe they will become the victim of a violent attack or other emergency. The fact is, over 14,000 people become victims of violence every day across America.

The good news is you don't have to be a victim! There are many proactive steps you can take to increase your safety and security and that's what Alfred McComber's Global Personal Security & Emergency Preparedness Bulletin is all about...Helping You And Your Loved Ones Remain Safe and Secure In Today's Dangerous World!

My name is Alfred McComber and for over 23 years I have been involved in law enforcement, emergency preparedness operations and high level dignitary protection guarding some of the most famous and high profile dignitaries, corporate executives, high net worth individuals and celebrities from around the globe.

I am also the creator and host of the Code Red! radio show dedicated to Personal Security, Safety and Emergency Preparedness issues previously available on Fox News Radio's affiliate station in Washington, DC. The popular radio show is now available on Federal News Radio AM1050, sister station of WTOP News Radio 103.5FM in Washington, DC. We cover all the hot topics on what it takes to keep you and your loved ones safe in our crazy world.

I encourage you to check back often for news and information that just might save your life or the life of someone that you know. Be sure to share this Bulletin with others so they too can benefit from the powerful information, tips and strategies that people need in order to be safe and secure in today's unsafe world.

Til Next Time,

Stay Safe!

Alfred McComber

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